Just a Need

Our History

Just a Need is named after Janice M. Bauer. In 2001, she passed away at age 62 from ovarian cancer. Despite extreme sickness Janice M. Bauer fought through surgical procedures, chemotherapy, and radiation for ovarian cancer while also serving as a caretaker for her father who ultimately lost his battle to kidney cancer. In 2001, Janice passed away at age 62 from ovarian cancer.


Just months after her passing, her daughter Bonny was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. While in remission from breast cancer and caring for her grandmother, also diagnosed with breast cancer, Bonny found out at the age of 46 that she had colorectal cancer.


After a long fight, several surgeries, and months of treatments, Bonny once again beat cancer. With her fighting spirit, she was able to share her survival story and inspire others. Bonny and her daughter Erica were led to open their hearts to others through the Just a Need program. While the struggle of caretakers is nothing new, we want to improve the means for support during this time.

What We Do

Dealing with ovarian cancer can be a very difficult time for everyone involved,
including the patient, the family, children, and even caregivers.


This can be a very challenging time, and often the physical and emotional needs
are not met. Just a Need wants to ease those hardships by providing:




Let us help with what you need. Hospital snacks, extra clothes, entertainment such as games and puzzles, toiletries, or gift cards.


Every family and person is different, and so are their immediate needs.



Whether faith-based, medical, or emotional, we have a network of volunteers who are available to give advice or simply lend an ear. Need someone to go to lunch with or want to talk to someone who has been there before? We got you.

To request an item of need, to sign up to be a volunteer, or to donate to the Just a Need program, please visit the links below

Patient Support

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our programs and will be making a big difference in the lives of patients going through chemotherapy. We are partnering with UAB’s Gynecologic Oncology Department by providing neuropathy support kits. Each kit includes a pair of cold therapy mittens and booties. One side effect of chemotherapy is neuropathy, particularly in the hands and feet of the patient. Often irreversible and continuous throughout the individual’s life, patients may experience nerve damage, pain, and numbness. Studies have shown a decrease in chemotherapy-induced neuropathy by using cold therapy mittens and booties during treatment. For more information, please email [email protected].



Our goal is to help alleviate and decrease neuropathy in as many patients in Alabama as possible. These kits are currently only available at UAB’s Gynecologic Oncology Department, but we plan to expand to other hopistals in Alabama in the future. Our hopes are that we can make a big impact in the lives of patients and survivors. This is the first of many support programs we have planned for the future. Support programs are essential, but we need your help. Please consider making a one-time donation to directly support these programs. To donate to this program, please visit this link.